Facebook Cover Picture

Beat the market can help to choose and buy your insurance products online. Jonathan Rawling he is CEO, Founder who share his vision and idea which make us to create character of whole team appearance in environment of Dubai (U.A.E).

We looked around our studio and realized that our team is rooted community. Teaching is wonderful thing as we know, at our studio we do with each other. We embraced the maxim by literally on our faces. We worked to achieve this poster series which is now displayed throughout worldwide.

Website has two characters that feature in and are used through the site and in marketing materials.Our visual style is based around these cartoons and they never use actual images. They want to create a Facebook page for the female character and want to fill it with cartoon pictures that appear as her pictures. They want us to create a back story for her and her husband, when they were kids, how they met, them on holiday, their wedding. Colorized schemes purple white and orange.


  • Nikul Patel