Content Security


Puppets Tree Studio is committed to protecting the rights of those who create entertainment content for audiences around the world. From creative arts to the software industry, more and more people make their living based on the power of their ideas. This means there is a growing stake in protecting intellectual property rights and recognizing that these safeguards are a cornerstone of a healthy global information economy.

Our objective is to strengthen security practices in the worldwide supply chain holding pre-release content. There are four guiding principles behind our content security best practices:

  • Don’t lose content.
  • Don’t let someone steal content.
  • If content is lost or stolen, report it immediately.
  • Don’t let security measures disrupt production.



These is the team behind Puppets Tree Studio

Although our studio does not offer a certification for content security, we do perform security assessments of facilities and report the findings of these surveys back to our Members through the Puppets Tree Content Security Program. A facility may make a security assessment request directly to the studio. The cost of the assessment for a facility request is the responsibility of the vendor. A separate agreement is signed for this and pre-payment is required. To receive a no obligation quote for the cost to conduct and issue a Content Security Report for your facility, please complete the application (below) and return it to


Within a week of receiving the completed questionnaire,studio will provide a detailed quote that will be valid for one month. If you wish to proceed, studio will provide you with an Agreement and invoice. Once studio has received a signed Agreement and payment in full, studio will schedule a date for the inspection or we will instruct its outside consulting firm to contact you about scheduling a date for the inspection. A Content Security Report is then issued about one month after this inspection occurs.