Design Code Pvt. Ltd.

Designed with passion

Design Code Pvt Ltd provides professional services in contemporary, unconventional, timeless and sustainable architectural design, urban design, planning, interior design and project management. The firm is led by two brothers, Kirti Patel (K.C.) – practicing architect and Arvind Patel (A.C.) – interior designer. Top 10 architects of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and Interior Designers.

Using these systems, we designed stationery, packaging, advertising campaigns, promotional materials, and an immersive new website which will launch in June. This system invites surprise and flexibility across all media, while always unified in visual language.


  • Design Code Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kirti Patel
  • Arvind Patel

creative direction / design / illustration

  • Nikul Patel

website design / development

  • Nikul Patel


  • Taral Kothari